Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Three New Shouts! (pt. 2 – Music and Media)

This is thesecond round of shouts this summer. The shouts are to people I have either met, know or worked with, who are doing something in the creative industries right now worth telling the world about! Like in the last post we’ll still be talking about music, but also cover film and other media. Enjoy!

Ishani Chakravarty
Originally from Bangalore, India, Ishani has been flying between India, Singapore and the UK for many years. In Singapore she is one of the entrepreneurs behind high-end video-production house The SingingBush, and has been seen both in front of and behind the cameras. In London Ishani is a graduate of Music Production College Alchemea and is currently working on an EP. She just released her first music-video and the BBC Asian Network promptly named her artist of the week! In the gradual bridge-building between Eastern and Western popular music culture Ishani Chakravarty will be an artist to look out for in the time to come! Here is a recent interview with her from The Times of India, and here is the music-video:

Anaïs Mutumba

Anaïs Mutumba

Anaïs Mutumba is a freelance journalist in London. She specializes in film-reviews and has, amongst others, been writing for Showfilmfirst. The last 6 years she has been an independent film-reviewer, and regularly attends press events and viewings before new films hit the marked. Originally from Rwanda, with a strong passion for Asia, trained in Pharmaceutical Management and currently finishing her Masters in Journalism, her eclectic competence covers a wide field. She has also done training with Shine Media and Channel 4. A name to look out for in connecting viewers to films, TV-presenting and journalistic investigation. Find her at her film-blog!

Simon Strumse & Filmgrail

Simon Strumse is the head of the newly launched Norwegian company Filmgrail. I met him when he held a presentation about his company, and how to see more film online in a legal way in the future. The presentation was held at The Norwegian Industrial Property Office last spring. Filmgrail is a web-service and an app to help you search films in a brand new way. The system can be implemented in TVs and decoders, and the user-interface is remarkably simple. The search-function allows you to become acquainted with both blockbusters and less known films in a much more equal mix than usual. Filmgrail connects simple reviews to viewing-platforms to make your decision making as easy as possible when you want to see a new film. Strumse says he wants us to see more film—‘more’ refers both to variety and to quantity. The viewing-platforms Filmgrail connects you to are currently addressing mostly the Norwegian marked, but international versions are under development and can be tailored to any region. After browsing the page for only a short while I’m already a fan!

The innovative Filmgrail interface

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