Wednesday, 27 March 2013

University of Glamorgan

Earlier this academic we had visitors from two of the over-seas universities we collaborate with at the Noroff Institute in Trondheim. One of them was an Australian university that offers our students exchange programs in film and animation. The other one—more relevant for my Sound and Music Production students—was University of Glamorgan. Dr. Ben Challis (Senior Lecturer in Popular Music at Glamorgan) gave a very informative presentation on both the programmes they offer and life as a student in Cardiff and later held a Q & A session with my class.

Our school, which is a creative arts institute, currently offers a range of two-year industry training diplomas. Through a number of collaborating universities we also offer top-up years to get a fully accredited international Bachelor’s Degree. After two years of Sound- and Music Production studies, Glamorgan offers two different degrees that work seamlessly together with our programme:

Many thanks to the University of Glamorgan and Dr. Ben Challis for taking the time out to fly over and present the courses in a way a webpage never can!

'The Atrium' at the University of Glamorgan
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