Friday, 29 March 2013

Drawmer MCB1 Cowbell Enhancer

I don’t usually do jokes on this page, but just came across this excellent tech-joke from British manufacturer of outstanding studio outboards, Drawmer. I would like this machine!

Amazing machine from Drwamer's Facebook-world

For Worldwide release 1-04-13:

Drawmer Electronics Ltd have teamed up with world renowned dead cowbell virtuoso Gene Frenkle to produce the MCB1.

Since his death in 2000 Gene has dreamt of expanding on his early bell work, and after a chance meeting with Drawmer's creative director late one night in a bar in Sheffield U.K. his dream became reality.

The MCB1 is backed by the Drawmer reputation for quality and servicability allowing us to assure you "Don't Fear The Repair".

Happy Easter From all of us at Drawmer!

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