Sunday, 4 March 2012

Updates: March 2012

1. In January and February I've gone back to my roots and been out doing some live sound again. In a world of fast paced innovation and ample digital technology I've been very happy to work on some big ol' analogue consoles again. Most notably the Midas Legend Series.

Midas Legend 3000
In February, David Vallier (US) who also played at the Skogbrann Festival this summer visited Norway again. David has together with Amber Brooks just released a new album through Morningstar Ministries in the US. Something magic happens whenever the Morningstar people meets our Norwegian musicians and things have a tendency to turn into a jazzy experimental Woodstock feeling. A real joy to do sound for!

David Vallier (Picture: Last FM)

2. I am currently working on a research proposal in Music Technology/ Production and Education/ Didactics. A lot of reading is done and I hope to update you further some time.

3. Next week I'm back to the KVT High-School in Trondheim Norway to head up another creative project. Like last time it will culminate in a large stage-production and a portfolio of films made by the students. 

Much looking forward to it and speak soon!

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