Thursday, 5 January 2012

Creative High-school Project, December 2011

Right before Christmas each year, the Christian Senior High-school in Trondheim sets all of its freshers in motion for a grand scale production. Some 150 students work together during an intensive week to produce a final show comprising of dancers, actors, singers, band and film-clips. All the elements of the show are fully integrated through the storyline of the project. In addition to those who are on stage there are also a number of ‘behind the scenes groups.’ These included a cooking group who provided treats for the whole project; a ‘good deeds’ group who did community work and collected a lot of clothes to be sent to a charity in Eastern Europe; a costume and scenography group that worked with the actors, dancers and the stage; a stage design and stage attire group who worked with musicians, singers and with the stage design; a photography group who prepared an exhibition in one of the halls, plus provided visual content for the screens during the show; and finally, the editorial group who documented the whole project through films that were shown during the morning meetings, an official blog and through a number of different social media.

The tag line for the project was ‘real image.’ At the morning meetings all students were gathered, and through those meetings we aimed to establish both a Biblical view and a practical life approach, and to marry them together. We put a particular focus on this at the first morning meeting to set the pace for the rest of the week. At the first meeting, all the group-leaders came up on stage and talked about their personal relation to image and self-worth. To bring in further angles to the topic we also used a number of video presentations. And since it’s a creative project in Norway we showed a few ski-movies, base-jumping films and music videos just for fun and to loosen up everyone’s shoulders a bit.

With 11 production-groups in motion and a team of professional creatives leading them, I was hired to coordinate the project and lead all groups towards the same final goal. A lot of admin and meetings, but I also got to sneak off to hold a master-class in sound-engineering and lead some of the stage-building work.

A week is a short time for a production this size, but the students and leaders really put in the effort and the final production was something to be proud of for everyone! The feedback from the regular staff was very positive and it was said to have been one of the best projects to date.

The show was on the same day as the School’s final Christmas celebration and the day was ended with a big meal for all the students at the in-house sport’s hall, before they went off to a Christmas service in church. A great punctuation mark to the semester before the holidays!

You can read the official blog by the editorial group with pictures and film here.

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