Thursday, 18 June 2015

Studio Monitors of Interest

This post belongs to the main article ‘Focal Alpha 50, 65 & 80 — Review and Comparison.’ It is a quick over-view over alternative speakers I considered for my last monitor acquisition. My requirements were:
1.     Speakers must give a reasonable impression of bass-levels. Driver size should preferably be in the region of 7 to 8 inches.

2.     Mid range clarity. Vocals should be crisp and clear and be easy to position in a mix.

3.     Open and balanced sound that transfers easily to other systems.

I ended up buying a pair of Focal Alpha 80 that you can read about in the main article. The following monitors were the remaining contestants:

-       My favourite. Was initially opting to buy these
-       Adam went bust (now back in business again) just when I was buying
-       I always liked the sound but also know there have been a few issues with consistency of build quality
-       I’ve reviewed them before, click here to read

-       Love these very much
-       They sound a little bit ‘narrow’
-       Solid bass
-       A little more than I planned to spend

From the lower price range:

-       Quite new product with promising price/quality ratio
-       For a brief stint I also considered Yamaha’s HS7 or HS8 as a temporary solution (these don’t really fulfil the requirement of tidy mid-range clarity)
-       JBL and Yamaha were presented in a revealing shootout video on Youtube, find it here
-       JBL was clear winner to me in the video as expected, really keen to try them in real life
-       (Find BBC Music Magazine’s review of the smaller LSR 305 through another blogger here)

-       Clarity, over-all sound and price/ performance ratio has received a lot of praise
-       Several users complain about hiss and low-level noise. Customer service has proven to be good and handles issues with no problem
-       Very keen to try out next generation when bugs are gone

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