Monday, 26 January 2015

The Music Education Conference 2015

In a few weeks Bradford Music Education Hub will be kicking off ‘The Music Education Conference 2015.’ It is a conference for lecturers, tutors and anyone interested in music education. It will be held at Future House in Bradford, UK (Conference Room D), on Wednesday 25 February 2015, at 13.00-5.30 pm. There will be refreshments and live music from 12 noon. Workshops will include Vocal Technique and Music Technology (the latter is a hot topic in the education sector in many countries since both music creation and reproduction is today almost fully digital). The conference is free of charge. You can register by January 30th 2015 on the page on this link.

Keynote Speakers:

Julie Price Grimshaw HMI, ‘music specialist.’
Leonora Davies MBE, freelance music education consultant.

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  1. So nice to read something possitive about music, Bradford and Yorkshire. Good write up H!