Thursday, 12 April 2012

Paper Publication by Louise Rossiter

Last year I mentioned a research paper written by Louse Rossiter from the University of Edinburgh. It was presented at The Forum for Innovation in Music Production and Composition at Leeds College of Music.

Rossiter has been researching on the use of acoustic ecology as a therapeutic and educational tool for children and young people with troubled backgrounds, and I am pleased to share that Rossiter’s paper has been published. It is well worth a read for anyone involved in Music Technology, Music Therapy, Electro Acoustic Composition, Acoustic Ecology and Education. The paper was published in the Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care and you can find the link to the journal from the Celcis web page.

Information about the paper:
Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care October/November 2011

Rossiter completed her PhD in January 2016 (CV).


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