Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Snowdrift News 2 – Professional News

Professional and academic events at the tail-end of 2010:

1. ‘From File to Feature’ Industry Workshop, London:
In mid-November Tyrell CCT arranged a showcase for several new media products at Soho Theatre in London. Amongst the products were: Avid's Media Composer 5 and ISIS 5000, Object Matrix's disk-based repository, Parking from Marquis' archiving solution and more. The event was especially interesting for former Digidesign customers who wanted to see what systems now will be in family with Pro Tools music production software. A personal favourite was Object Matrix who presented a very versatile data-safety system that would work excellently as a shared central storage for smaller studios with multiple suites.

‘From File to Feature’ event at Soho Theatre Bar

2. Pro Tools 9 presentation by AVID:

With a brand new generation of Pro Tools just hitting the marked, AVID invited their customers to showcases around the UK. In early December 2010 they were at Production Room in Leeds to introduce us to the new features of their software and hardware.

Pro Tools 9 demo at 'Production Room' in Leeds. Shout to James Ivey who ran the demo.

3. Paper presentation by Arild Berg, London:
Former Norwegian Radio journalist Arild Berg presented his research-findings on the correlation (and the lack thereof) between public funding of ethnic music-projects and social integration. My friend Dr. Shzr Ee Tan of the Royal Academy of Music was one of the hosts.

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