Monday, 2 August 2010

Ha&Ha Exhibition at The Clock Cafe (LS6) in Leeds

"Beauty Explored and the Journey from Eco-friendly to Eco-fatigue."

"Ha&Ha," aka. Harjinder & Harald now has a photo exhibition on in Leeds. It displays pictures from the Norwegian Mountains, places where the urban meets nature and familiar sites from Leeds with a new twist. Keywords are beauty, familiarity and new thinking about how city and nature interacts. The exhibition is on from July 28th to August 10th 2010.

For further explanation to the concept, please see bottom of this post. For captions, please scroll down to the next post.

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View of the Gallery:

"Nature Series" (On canvas, Harald Haltvik):

Morning in Rondane National Park, Norway

Snowy mountains in Jotunheimen National Park, Norway

Lake in Northern Norway

Cabin in the middle of the mountains, Jotunheimen National Park, Norway

"Urban Series" (Harald Haltvik):

Bodø Harbour, Norway

Lake in Rondane National Park, Norway

Winter in Trondheim, Norway

Panorama of Trondheim city, Norway

The Leiv Eriksson Centre, Trondheim, Norway

Church Street Røros, Norway

View of the Gallery:

Pictures from Leeds (Harjinder Nangla):

Wearing The Crown


Hyde Park




Striking The Deal

The Concepts:

Beauty Explored and the Journey from Eco-friendly to Eco-fatigue.

Over-focus on anything will spur counter-reactions. No one doubts that eco-friendliness and conservation of fragile environments are good developments. But if we loose touch with what we are protecting we will easily go from “eco-friendly” to “eco-fatigue.”

From Adam stood in the garden for the first time till today, humanity has constantly had to interact with and modify its surroundings. A modern urban challenge is to increasingly develop society while decreasingly impact the environment. Seen with the goggles of the city it is a matter of cutting, reversing and decreasing. Seen with the goggles of untouched nature it is a matter of embracing, exploring and expanding centuries of knowledge of interaction between humanity and nature.

The pictures are created with a strong desire to communicate that our time here is short and that beauty, challenge and fulfilment happens now! Not in a hundred years, then most of us will be somewhere else.

(All the works from Norway come with a note from the artist attached at the back. Notes contain information, memories and reflections of the location where the pictures were taken.)

The Nature Series (On Canvas):

Depicts the beauty of natural environments and seeks to evoke a desire for exploration.

Here there is no direct eco-friendliness, nor eco-unfriendliness. When we grasp the thought that this was once our nearest neighbourhood we gain a new light on what in our urban lives has lasting value and what has not. And if even that thought should send anyone into fatigue, then at least enjoy the beauty and you will have understood almost the entire point.

The Urban Series (Framed):

Early city environments could span from a collection of rough shelters to street systems with markets for trade.

“The Urban Series” seeks to play a few tricks on the modern mind and looks at any modification we have made to nature. It depicts the boundaries of where the city meets nature, where nature is visited by human inventions and at new and old building traditions.

It is the hope that the viewer sees that:
* The divide between the city and nature is not as black and white as we sometimes portray it.
* There is no society or freedom without commerce, progress and organisation.
* Commerce and nature are not opposite enemies. If they become enemies it is because we have chosen to make them so by our actions.
* There is a lot of hope for sustainable progress when one stands in the grey-zones between nature and human invention.

Set in brushed aluminium frames for a more industrial look.

Harjinder’s series of impressions from Leeds:

-picks up where Harald’s “Urban Series” lets go, and Harald’s “Urban Series” picks up where Harjinder’s series lets go. It explores familiar sites and things that draw attention on a walk through the city and presents them through a modern interpretation. They could be impressions from anyone’s life but also show how we have the power to interpret and choose how we see things.

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